10 Reasons to Choose a Cannabis Chiller for Your Grow Facility

close-up of hand examining cannabis plants

As successful cannabis producers know, there’s no replacement for an industrial-grade chiller to keep cannabis extraction operations running smoothly. Yet, some growers might wonder whether they can get the same results with a comfort chiller. 

In this post, we’ll break down the following ten reasons to bypass a comfort chiller in favor of an industrial cannabis system, no matter the size of your facility:

  1. Performs optimally year-round
  2. Maintains extra-low fluid temperatures 
  3. More precise temperature control
  4. Prevents denaturing and other plant damage
  5. Handles wide heat load variation
  6. More energy efficiency
  7. Helps your equipment last longer
  8. Better control options
  9. Greater customizability
  10. Industrial-grade performance 

Continue reading to learn more about these compelling reasons to opt for an industrial-grade cannabis chiller instead of a comfort chiller.

Performs optimally year-round

The innate year-round performance capability built into cannabis chillers is the first reason to choose it over a comfort chiller that only performs well during the warm season. Go for an all-season cannabis chiller for year-round output and performance to keep your facility operating no matter the weather.

Maintains extra-low fluid temperatures

Unlike comfort chillers, high-performance industrial-grade cannabis chillers in our XL Chiller line are designed to handle extra-low fluid temperatures as low as -20°F to -40°F, providing the ideal conditions to maximize THC, CBD, and CBN extraction. 

More precise temperature control

Industrial-grade cannabis chillers allow you to control temperatures more precisely than you can with comfort coolers. Maintaining tight temperature control within +/-1˚ is essential for producing a high-quality product and keeping your equipment running strong. 

Prevents denaturing and other damage

When the cannabis extraction processing liquids cycling through the plant remain steady, it helps prevent denaturing and other damage-causing effects of dramatic fluid temperature fluctuations common with comfort chillers.

Handles wide heat load variation

During the cannabis extraction process, heat load variations can rise and fall sharply at various cycle stages. An industrial-grade cannabis chiller tank can handle these wide heat load variations better than a comfort chiller, preventing the compressor from having to turn on and off mid-process.

More reliability

Cannabis chillers feature industrial-grade technology and durable components to achieve significantly more uptime than comfort chillers without the same high-performance capabilities. Our proven 99.4% uptime rate is one of the many reasons to choose us for your cannabis chiller needs.

Helps your equipment last longer

By operating more reliably than comfort chillers, industrial-grade cannabis chillers help extend the lifecycle of your cannabis extraction equipment by reliably keeping your processes cool and functioning optimally.

More energy efficiency

Cannabis chillers come with more energy-efficient options than comfort chillers for better cannabis output, chiller performance, and energy cost savings. These options include two-stage economized semi-hermetic compressors, EC condenser fan motors, heat reclaim, and pump variable frequency drive (VFD). 

Better control options

Comfort chillers don’t allow you to control your system as closely as cannabis chillers, enabling you to add custom programming and advanced controls for tighter process control, remote login access, central control for multiple units, and email and text alerts in case of an alarm.

Greater customizability

The level of customization with a cannabis chiller outweighs the options available with a comfort chiller. From redundancy and digital flow meters to low ambient protection and extra-low temperature design options, you can design a precise cannabis chiller system to meet your needs.These are just a few reasons to choose an industrial-grade cannabis chiller over a comfort chiller for your grow facility. Contact our team for more ways our high-performance systems can help maximize your production and efficiency. Our robust engineered solutions are suited for all-sized grow facilities and are backed by our 50 years of chiller experience and excellent after-the-sale support. Request a quote for your cannabis chiller to get started.