4 Uptime-Boosting Medical Chiller Technologies to Watch for at RSNA 2022

We look forward to attending the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2022 conference as a technical exhibitor from Nov. 27-30 at McCormick Place in the windy city of Chicago, IL. This annual event allows industry professionals to experience the latest innovations, research, and technologies transforming the future of radiology. We’ll be there to introduce and demonstrate the latest medical chiller advancements that help increase imaging equipment uptime, including MRI machines, CT scanners, and linear accelerators.  

This post will provide a preview of four uptime-enhancing medical chiller technologies you can expect to see at our RSNA 2022 exhibit: 

  1. Temperature control features 
  1. Redundancy options 
  1. Auto city water changeover panels 
  1. Microcontrollers 

Continue reading to learn more about these advanced technologies designed to keep your imaging equipment online 24/7/365.

Temperature control features 

A medical chiller’s ability to maintain tight temperature control is critical for maximum imaging uptime. A few of the latest chiller temperature-control advancements we’ll feature at RSNA 2022 include:  

  • Evaporators, heat exchangers, and pumps for the specific fluid for your equipment
  • Recirculation tanks to pre-chill the chiller’s glycol for on-demand cooling
  • Electronic expansion valves (EEVs) for tight superheat control 
  • 1” insulation option for heat gain resistance 
  • Fluid temperature pull-down capabilities from higher temperatures 

Redundancy options 

Redundancy options are another type of medical chiller advancement that can help keep your imaging equipment up and running. Our RSNA 2022 exhibit will include helpful guidance for designing a chiller system with superior redundancy capabilities for your facility, such as: 

  • Full capacity redundancy 
  • Full electrical isolation 
  • Dual or multi-circuit units 
  • Auto-changeover redundant pumps 
Industrial Medical Chillers with a 99%+ uptime lead

Auto city water changeover panels  

Auto city water changeover is another technology you can expect to see at RSNA this year. It’s a panel that allows a medical chiller to automatically switch from chiller-provided fluid to city water-provided fluid in case of an alarm for uninterrupted process cooling. The city water changeover panel contains four water solenoids, two N.C. for regular chiller operation, and two N.O. for city water operation. Visit our booth to learn more about this uptime-boosting technology. 


Our Microcontrollers are MCS microprocessor-based controls that detect temperature, pressure, voltage, and current sensors to help you manage your medical chiller system effectively. Our RSNA 2022 booth will feature everything you need to know about these Java-based Windows- and Linux-compatible microcontrollers, including their tech-friendly interface that allows you to access your controller from anywhere in the world. This technology also lets you monitor live and historical system performance and receive email and text alerts in case of an alarm. 

There are many more advanced uptime-boosting medical chiller technologies to explore at RSNA 2022! We hope you’ll visit our booth to meet our seasoned team and discover why we’ve become an industry-leading medical chiller provider, thanks, in part, to our success in working with companies like Toshiba Medical to help them achieve a 99%+ uptime rate. 

Maximizing uptime starts with installing the right system. 

Unlike comfort cooling chillers that are incapable of meeting the rigorous demands of MRI and other imaging equipment, our high-performance industrial-grade medical chillers feature advanced technologies to enhance patient care and your organization’s profits. We engineer our custom-ready medical chillers using robust and reliable USA-made components to further maximize uptime by allowing you to obtain future parts and repair them locally for quicker implementation.  

Choose us for exceptional high-uptime engineered solutions backed by our customer-friendly after-the-sale support available throughout the life cycle of your system. With over 50 years of experience, we’re your source for high-performance and reliable chillers for your medical imaging needs. Contact us or request a quote to get started.