Micro Control Systems

3 Ways MCS Microprocessors Provide Tighter Process Control

Microprocessors concept: close-up of motherboard, reverse detail (red tinted)

Managing your industrial chiller system is easier with the help of user-friendly technologies like MCS microprocessors. These intelligent systems allow you to gain tighter control over your cooling processes for increased performance, productivity, and uptime. In this post, we’ll explain how an MCS microprocessor can deliver tight process control and demonstrate what you can expect when you embed these systems into your industrial-grade process chiller. 

First, let’s review what an MCS microprocessor is and how it works. 

What is an MCS microprocessor? 

Micro control systems (MCS) are microprocessors designed specifically for the HVAC/R industry. They include controllers, control panels, expansion boards, touchscreens, and an array of complementary peripheral sensor devices that can detect:  

  • Temperature 
  • Pressure 
  • Humidity 
  • Voltage
  • CO2 
  • Current 

These Java-based and Windows- and Linux-compatible microprocessors are energy-efficient and RoHS-compliant. They feature a tech-friendly interface and multiple security authorization levels that allow you to tightly control your process with the ability to: 

  1. Access your controller from anywhere in the world 
  1. Monitor live system performance and historical trending data 
  1. Receive email and text alerts in case of an alarm 

Keep reading to learn more about how MCS microprocessors give you tighter control over your industrial cooling process. 

Remote access 

With an MCS microprocessor, you gain full access to your controller remotely, allowing you to adjust the chiller system settings with the click of a button – no matter where you are. In addition, real-time remote communication is available via mobile data or an internet provider, allowing you to keep tabs on your system day or night from anywhere in the world. 

Monitor live and historical system performance 

MCS microprocessors also give you instant performance feedback, allowing you to monitor your chiller system’s live status from a custom workspace. Dynamic and static graphing, trending data, and extended history file saving capabilities available with some MCS microprocessors provide an even bigger picture of your system’s performance over time. These innovative tools and insights are another way these technologies give you tighter process control for greater efficiency and productivity. 

Receive alerts 

Depending on the MCS microprocessor you choose for your industrial process chiller, you could configure your system with up to 100 alarms that allow you to act quickly when vulnerabilities arise. You can opt to receive your alerts via email or text, with some controllers delivering up to 120 seconds of detailed graphing to help you initiate the best response. In addition, alarm retrieval and handling capabilities let you print and save alarms to a PC for future analysis and backup.   

MCS microprocessors open the door to a new world of possibilities for monitoring your industrial chiller system. They give you tighter control over your process with remote access, system performance monitoring, and alert capabilities that help keep your operation running smoothly. Beyond process control, MCS microprocessors also allow for scalability by providing controls with room for future upgrades and operational changes through software and firmware updates. 

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