What Cannabis Extraction Equipment Should I Invest In?

Cannabis extraction is an industrial process for converting target molecules in cannabis raw material into a usable form. It uses sophisticated equipment designed to perform specialized functions, such as a cannabis chiller for precise temperature control. The purpose of cannabis extraction is to remove plant oils and target and collect potent compounds, such as THC, CBD, terpenes, and other precious cannabinoids. These compounds are used to create high-demand cannabis products, such as tinctures, capsules, hash, and oils. 

The most common solvent-based cannabis extraction methods are: 

  • Ethanol extraction
  • CO2 extraction
  • Hydrocarbon extraction

In addition to these solvent-based methods, some cannabis processing facilities use non-solvent-based cannabinoid extraction technologies, such as rosin and ice water hash. The type of extraction method varies by facility, and the cannabis extraction equipment varies by the method. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common types of solvent-based extraction equipment worth investing in and highlight the critical role of a cannabis chiller.

Solvent-based cannabis extraction equipment

The cannabis extraction equipment you need will depend on your chosen extraction method. While not an exhaustive list with ancillary equipment, the following are a few of the common components in a solvent-based processing facility: 

Cannabis chiller

Temperature control plays a significant role in every step of the cannabis extraction process. It is particularly essential in the extraction chamber where product quality depends on precise control. Experts suggest that the standard temperature control variance must be within 0.275°C for consistent results, signaling the extreme importance of a highly efficient cannabis chiller. A cannabis chiller uses industrial-grade process cooling to remove heat from the cannabinoid extraction process, providing the necessary regulation to prevent denaturing and other product damage. 

The role of a cannabis extraction system is to use a process called centrifugation to efficiently and effectively separate cannabis extracts from the plant’s stalks, stems, and leaves, also referred to as biomass. A cannabis extractor works by soaking and agitating the biomass to extract the cannabinoid compounds. 

Particulate filter

A particulate filter is another piece of cannabis extraction equipment that solvent-using facilities might use. It removes suspended particulates and adsorbents from the solvent solution, allowing you to re-use the solvent for multiple extractions.

Rotary evaporator

Now, it’s time to remove the cannabinoids and terpenes from the solvent. A rotary evaporator is a type of extraction equipment designed to separate the compounds efficiently, leaving behind cannabis oil, or crude hemp.

Decarboxylation vessel 

A steel or glass decarboxylation vessel carefully heats the raw, acidic cannabinoid molecules to convert them into more potent and more easily consumed THC, CBD, and others. A cannabis chiller helps achieve the tight temperature control needed to activate these compounds during this step of the extraction process.

Distillation system 

The final step of the cannabis extraction process is to separate the purified THC, CBD, and other desirable compounds from the decarbed crude oil. The result is called distillate, a base ingredient that transforms into many cannabis products, such as edibles and vape cartridges. Because extremely high temperatures are required for this step, a cannabis chiller can help you tightly control the temperatures.

There are many types of cannabis extraction equipment to invest in when setting up or upgrading your facility, depending on the extraction method that you choose. To learn more about the precise temperature control and other capabilities of our XL line of cannabis chillers, contact our team or call (888) 289-7299. Our robust solutions are designed to maintain extra-low fluid temperatures, down to -40°F, giving you the confidence to produce a high-quality product. We’re known for our exceptionally high uptime rate and excellent after-the-sale support. Partner with us for your cannabis chiller!