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What is the Best Chiller for Cannabis Extraction?

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Whether your facility runs on ethanol, CO2, hydrocarbon, butane honey oil (BHO), or another solvent, selecting the best chiller for your operation will help ensure product quality and prevent damage. How do you know which cannabis chiller is right for your cannabis operation? In this post, we’ll cover the must-have features to look for when selecting the best chiller for CBD, THC, CBN, and other cannabinoid extraction in a high-volume facility.

When selecting a cannabis chiller for effective compound extraction, the best option will have the following essential features

  • Industrial-grade process cooling
  • Extra-low fluid temperatures
  • Tight temperature control
  • Year-round performance 
  • High uptime rate

Continue reading to learn more about choosing a cannabis chiller designed to produce the highest quality compounds for your large-scale operation.

Industrial-grade process cooling

In contrast to off-the-shelf chillers or comfort coolers, an industrial-grade cannabis chiller relies on heavy-duty process cooling technology that stands up to the most rigorous extraction processes. Industrial-grade cannabis chiller systems are specially engineered to use fluid to efficiently and reliably cool extraction equipment at every stage of the process, enhancing productivity and product quality. When it comes to operating a high-volume facility smoothly, look for a robust cannabis chiller that can keep up with your steady demand. 

Extra-low fluid temperatures

Maintaining low fluid temperatures is another feature to look for in a cannabis chiller for a high-volume extraction facility. Low temperatures are critical for maximizing extraction without sacrificing the quality of your THC, CBD, CBN, or another of the 60-100 identified cannabinoids. Our robust XL Chillers are specifically engineered to reliably maintain fluid temperatures as low as -40°F, giving your facility a distinctive competitive edge.

Tight temperature control

Tight temperature control is a critical factor throughout the cannabis extraction process to ensure consistent product results. This precise control plays an integral role in decarboxylation, distillation, and other steps of the process. With narrow allowable temperature variances for extraction, there’s no room for process cooling errors. To ensure your facility is operating on full throttle, the best cannabis chiller will have extremely tight temperature control, such as our XL Chillers that allow control of +/-1°F with a tank.

Year-round performance 

When you’re running a large-scale cannabis extraction operation, don’t settle for an off-the-shelf chiller that will inevitably fall short in the winter months. Instead, look for a heavy-duty cannabis chiller designed for all-season performance so that you’re still running strong no matter the weather. Year-round operation lends the flexibility to maximize extraction output every month of the year, helping to grow your business and optimize performance.

High uptime rate

Maximum uptime is critical for a high-functioning cannabis extraction facility. If your chiller goes down in the middle of your extraction processes, the fallout may have a heavy price. When you’re looking for the best cannabis chiller to keep up with your fast-paced operation, go for one with an exceptionally high uptime rate. Our XL Chillers for cannabis extraction feature a 99.4% uptime rate, helping to keep you up and running.

These are just some of the essential features to look for in a cannabis chiller for high-volume extraction facilities. A cannabis chiller expert can walk you through other important factors and customization options to ensure you choose the best solution for your unique operation.

To learn more about the features, benefits, and customizations of our XL Chillers for cannabis extraction, contact our team or call (888) 289-7299. Our robust industrial-grade engineered solutions are designed for extra-low temperatures, tight temperature control, year-round performance, and an astonishing 99.4% uptime rate. With nearly 50 years of experience and exceptional after-the-sale support, we’re your source for cannabis chillers in high-volume extraction operations.