Industrial Chillers

From Design to the Deal: Drake Custom Chillers a Slam Dunk for Strogen’s Service Experts

Strogen’s Service Experts offers heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the Rochester, NH area. Led by General Manager Mike Strogen, Strogen’s large skilled team delivers exceptional quality and on-time service in every season, including providing 24/7 on-call emergency response. Beyond contributing to creating comfortable and cozy places to live and work, Strogen’s dedicates its resources to improving the community by supporting life-changing initiatives, including Make-A-Wish® Foundation and North American food pantries.

When a customer approached Strogen’s, requesting an industrial chiller to help them manufacture materials for car filters, N95 masks, and other essential goods, Mike considered his options. This project demanded high levels of engineering skill and expertise, and according to Mike, “Our previous chiller supplier wasn’t equipped to implement the precise customizations we needed.” Having worked with Sales Manager Travis Reighard and the Drake team on a successful project a few years ago, Mike knew precisely where to turn, reaching out to Travis for an initial phone discussion.

This project involved two crucial considerations: the chiller needed to be able to handle varying loads and operate year-round; and the customer’s initial plans for a 300-gallon buffer tank proved insufficient per our calculations, so we needed to be able to justify any additional cost of our solution. To address the first requirement, we engineered an energy efficient configuration that included two large, outdoor rated, air-cooled chillers with flooded head pressure controls for low ambient operation and several steps of chiller capacity capable of modulating with the varying loads. These large chillers were paired with two large, 1000-gallon tanks. The purpose of the larger tank was to absorb any sort of modulation from the heat load as well as reduce how often the chillers needed to turn on. We then joined a conference call with Mike and his customer to explain the reasoning behind increasing the buffer tank unit from the original plans. Providing technical information to Mike and his customer in a concise manner put everyone’s mind at ease and it is what helped land the deal.

Explaining Strogen’s decision to do business with Drake, Mike stressed the importance of our caliber of service. “It’s one thing to buy a chiller – and it’s another to be able to talk to someone knowledgeable, knowing that you have a relationship to rely on. Drake ticks all these boxes – and then some.

Drake Refrigeration recognizes the importance of both exceptional customer service and precision-engineered cooling solutions. Complete a short form via the image below to download the full case study and learn the details of how Drake’s customized chiller system and effective communication style helped Strogen’s Service Experts seal this deal.