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8 Industrial Chiller Applications

Industrial chillers use process cooling to funnel heat away from industrial equipment to keep it going strong. Whether air- or water-cooled, their hard-working and high-performance capabilities provide the ideal cooling solution for many industrial chiller applications:  

  1. Beer brewing
  2. Dairy milk processing
  3. Food processing
  4. Medical equipment
  5. Cannabis extraction
  6. Refrigeration
  7. Low-temperature applications
  8. Industrial manufacturing

Keep reading to learn more about how industrial chillers keep process equipment cool in these applications.

Beer brewing

Industrial grade brewery chillers are designed for many brewing processes, including wort cooling, brite tank temperature control, fermentation, crash cooling, pre-packaging, and product storage. By choosing an industrial chiller over a comfort chiller, brewers benefit from a heavier duty performance, tighter temperature control, year-round performance, compressor modulation, and more accurate refrigeration technology.

Dairy milk processing

Industrial chillers use heavy-duty process cooling to remove heat from dairy milk processing equipment during the pasteurization process, preserving the quality and safety of your yield and increasing shelf life. Dairy operators benefit from on-demand chilling, easy maintenance, excellent performance, tighter temperature control, and year-round performance when using an industrial-grade chiller.

Food processing

Thanks to its high-performance process cooling technology, an industrial chiller removes the need for ice during food processing, helping to reduce the cost and hassle of continually replenishing ice to cool the equipment. Whether used for processing dairy products, meat, chocolate, baked goods, or cold tables, an industrial chiller often saves food processors money on ice, offers more precise temperature control, and operates more reliably.

Medical equipment

You can also find industrial chillers hard at work in medical applications, providing critical process cooling for precision imaging machines, laboratory reagents, pharmaceutical equipment, and medical cannabis and THC extraction. Precise temperature control, uptime, reliability, and energy efficiency are chief concerns in the medical industry, making high-performance industrial chillers the single best solution.

Cannabis extraction

Besides medical cannabis and THC extraction, industrial chillers also play an integral role in commercial cannabis extraction facilities that produce recreational cannabis products, such as edibles and tinctures. Smaller growers can also use an industrial-grade chiller for greenhouse hemp cultivation, both benefitting from the year-round performance, uptime, and tight temperature control that it provides.


Industrial chillers play a critical role in many refrigeration applications, such as walk-in freezers, greenhouses, technology, construction, low-temperature cold storage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The year-round cooling, precise temperature control, and capacity control features make an industrial-grade unit more favorable than comfort cooling units unsuited to rigorous, all-season use.

Low-temperature applications

Underground excavation, aerospace, energy production, automotive production, product testing, and ice rinks are among the many low-temperature applications requiring the intense chilling capabilities of an industrial chiller. With the ability to meet rapid pull-down requirements and manage oil efficiently, a high-performance industrial-grade unit is designed to solve virtually any cooling challenge in low-temperature applications.

Industrial manufacturing

An industrial chiller is designed for the rigors of manufacturing plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, composites, and transportation equipment. These high-performance units are also suitable for other industrial applications, such as commercial printing, metal finishing, laser cutting, machine tooling, die-cutting, and semiconductors. An industrial-grade chiller provides scalability, tight temperature control, continuous operation, and oil chilling capabilities in any industrial application.

When choosing the best industrial chiller for your specific application, check out our article on what to look for to save money and stop leaks.

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