Meet Our Most Recommended Medical Chillers

Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute, pipetting DNA samples into a tube for polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

As we covered in a previous post on the importance of refrigeration for medical equipment, chillers help enhance the performance and uptime of these essential machines for better patient care and higher profitability. Medical chillers are different than comfort chillers that cannot keep up with your sophisticated and critical medical equipment. They’re uniquely designed to deliver reliable industrial-grade process cooling year-round and use capacity modulation to maintain tight temperature control of +/-1°F. But which medical chiller is best for you? 

In this post, we’ll explore our most recommended medical chillers for MRI, CT, and blood testing scanners and explain what you need to know when designing a chiller for your unique medical application. 

3 Medical chillers we recommend 

A reliable medical chiller allows hospitals, imaging centers, and other medical facilities to operate scanning and imaging equipment on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This level of reliability requires a medical chiller designed for maximizing the uptime rate with industrial-grade performance, leak-free construction, city water changeover panels, and tight process controls, among other features.  

So, which medical chiller can stand up to these incredibly high expectations? To find out, meet our most recommended MRI chillers for MRI, CT, and blood testing scanning applications below. 

Recommended MRI medical chiller: PAC 800D 

PAC 800D is a packaged air-cooled 80-horsepower dual-circuit semi-hermetic medical process chiller featuring a long-lasting compressor, variable capacity control, and a microprocessor with controls built specifically for the HVAC/R industry. Download the PAC 800D information sheet on our website to learn more about this highly recommended medical chiller for MRI scanning. 

Check out this case study to see how we helped Toshiba Medical resolve its downtime issues with a high-uptime medical chiller. 

Recommended CT medical chiller: PACT 70S 

PACT 70S is a packaged air-cooled 8-horsepower single circuit scroll medical chiller with a tank that we often recommend for CT scanning applications. It features an industry-leading, long-lasting Copeland scroll compressor and many other features designed to keep your CT equipment running smoothly. Download the PACT 70S information sheet to learn more about this CT scanning powerhouse process chiller. 

Recommended blood testing medical chiller: PACT 160D 

PACT 160D is a packaged air-cooled 18-horsepower dual-circuit scroll medical chiller with a tank that’s ideally suited for blood testing scanning applications. It’s uniquely designed for high ambient-temperature environments and features a long-lasting scroll compressor and many other uptime-enhancing options. Download the PACT 160D information sheet to learn more about this high-performance medical chiller. 

How to design a medical chiller for maximum uptime 

No matter which medical chiller you choose, ensure it has what it takes to keep your equipment up and running. Here are a few tips for designing a system for maximum uptime and performance: 

  • Look for reliability-enhancing features, including precise temperature accuracy and tight process control. 
  • Go beyond the nominal capacity or tonnage to consider other uptime-boosting factors, such as flow rate, heat load variation, capacity output, and redundancy. 
  • Avoid buying a comfort chiller that cannot keep up with the rigorous demands of your medical equipment – go for an industrial-grade, all-season medical chiller instead. 
  • Ensure to size the medical chiller pump for the variation in flow rates. 
  • Choose your system’s tank volume based on the load variation to ensure it can withstand long run times without the compressor turning on and off. 
  • Avoid overpaying by customizing your medical chiller with only the performance- and uptime-enhancing features you need – and nothing you don’t. 

The medical chillers mentioned in this post are just some custom-ready options in our robust line of engineered solutions. Reach out to our experienced team to learn more about designing the ideal medical chiller for your unique application, or request a quote online. With a proven 99% uptime rate, we bring more than 50 years of experience and provide exceptional after-the-sale support, so you can rest assured that we’ll supply the high-performance solutions to keep your equipment going strong.