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What is the Best Chiller for Cannabis Grow Rooms?

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There’s no doubt about it: cannabis cultivation is a growing sector of the cannabis industry. According to the 2020 State of the Industry Report by Cannabis Business Times, 21% of research participants said they plan to add at least 80,000 square feet of cannabis grow room space in the next two years. Additionally, the number of participants expanding to two or more grow sites jumped from 32% to 41% between 2016 and 2020, further punctuating the trend toward larger and more facilities. These are just some of the key factors that indicate a thriving cannabis cultivation market.

If you’re one of the many producers looking to outfit your cannabis grow room with the best chiller for maximum yield, this article is for you. In it, we’ll explain what to look for in a cannabis chiller.

But first, let’s take a step back to explore the importance of a chiller for a grow room.

Why do you need a chiller in a cannabis grow room?

Experts suggest that the better a grower can maintain a consistent temperature in a grow room, the better the yields. So, how can you achieve such yield-enhancing temperature consistency? Use a cannabis chiller.

These industrial-grade cooling systems are designed specifically for maintaining a consistent temperature within your cannabis grow room to help promote plant growth. They lower grow room air temperature below ambient temperatures in warm climates and stabilize the internal temperature of growing facilities in locations that experience dramatic shifts in ambient temperatures.

Now that we know that temperature consistency is one of the secrets to cultivation success, you may be wondering whether you can achieve this feat with a traditional comfort cooling unit instead of an industrial-grade cannabis chiller – and the answer is no.

We’ll explain why not in the next section.

Cannabis chiller vs. traditional comfort cooling

A cannabis chiller is different from a traditional comfort cooling system because it provides more convenient, efficient, and reliable chilling for cannabis grow rooms.

  • Convenient – A chiller’s refrigerant is contained inside the chiller housing, removing the refrigerant hassle in traditional comfort cooling units.
  • Efficient – We also design our units to plumb environmentally safe fluids throughout the system, even over long distances, something traditional comfort cooling units cannot do.
  • Reliable – Industrial-grade cannabis chillers deliver the same cooling capabilities as air handlers and fan coils, but ours come in a packaged engineered solution with a proven 99.4% uptime rate.

What to look for in a cannabis chiller for your grow room?

As we’ve outlined in this post, creating an ideal environment that plants love hinges on an industrial-grade cannabis chiller that reliably maintains a consistent temperature. The following are a few features to look for in a unit before you buy:

  • High uptime rate
  • Custom sizes and dimensions to meet your specifications
  • Low ambient protection
  • Flexible redundancy options

The best chiller for cannabis grow rooms is a high-performance and reliable industrial-grade unit. Pair it with our expert knowledge and unsurpassed after-the-sale support, and you have a winning combination poised for success. Contact our cannabis chiller experts to learn more about our robust engineered solutions for cannabis grow rooms to maximize your yield. Our custom-ready chillers are manufactured right here in the USA, many with short lead times to help you get growing faster.