How to Maximize MRI Chiller Uptime

A male Asian radiologist looking at computed tomography (CT) scans.

Chiller uptime is essential for MRIs and other imaging machines because it provides consistent, uninterrupted patient care and revenue streams. So, how can you keep your processes going strong? As experts with a proven 99.4% chiller uptime rate, we’ve compiled our top five essential tips for maximizing your medical chiller’s uptime.

Our medical chiller uptime-boosting tips include:

  1. Install a high-performance industrial-grade system
  2. Ensure the chiller is manufactured to reduce refrigerant leaks
  3. Follow routine maintenance protocols
  4. Consider city water changeover panels
  5. Optimize your controls

Are you ready to maximize your medical chiller’s uptime rate? Continue reading to learn more about these helpful hints.