10 Energy-Conserving Dairy Chiller Options That Save Money

Modern dairy farm with energy-efficient and -conservation solar panels and wind turbines
Installing solar panels and wind turbines isn’t the only way to conserve energy.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your dairy’s operational costs? Here’s a money-saving solution: an energy-efficient dairy chiller. Inefficient dairy chillers drain energy and operating expenses, reducing your farm’s profitability. Choosing a system designed to conserve resources can go a long way in helping to reduce waste and grow your bottom line.

In this article, we’re profiling ten energy-efficient dairy chiller options that can help you save operating costs for more money in your wallet. But first, let’s discuss the correlation between energy efficiency and profitability.

How energy efficiency impacts your bottom line

When choosing a dairy chiller, the operating costs are just as important as the initial expense. For instance, a cheap prefabricated unit may come with unexpected high energy costs that strain your monthly budget, not to mention higher maintenance cost and reducing the efficiency of your operation.

However, industrial-grade dairy chillers offer economical and energy-efficient solutions that are affordable from the start yet don’t require excessive energy to help minimize your operational costs. After all, the more energy you save – and reducing your maintenance budget – gives you more money in your pocket.

An energy-efficient dairy chiller translates to:

  • Lower energy usage
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased profitability

So, what should you look for in an energy-efficient dairy chiller? Keep reading below to discover a few of the best upgrade options for the environment and your budget.

Two Latinx dairy farmers discussing costs and energy efficiency

10 Energy- and money-saving dairy chiller options

  1. Electronically commutated (EC) condenser fan motors – Saves energy and stabilizes refrigerant pressures for lower costs.
  2. Optimized fan cycling (staging) – Enhances dairy chiller performance for higher efficiency.
  3. Floating head pressure – Provides efficient cooling performance in environments under 95°F.
  4. Electronic expansion valves (EEVs) – Controls the flow of refrigerant entering the dairy chiller’s evaporator for efficient operation.
  5. Heat reclamation – Provides energy- and cost-efficient solutions for a dairy chiller’s hot water loop or hot liquor tank (HLT).
  6. Upsized evaporators – Alleviates glycol degradation to conserve energy by ensuring a dairy chiller runs at maximum efficiency.
  7. Water-cooled condenser upgrades – Water-regulation valves minimize cool water usage, and three-way valves reduce head pressure for less energy consumption.
  8. Pump variable frequency drive (VFD) – Generates lower energy consumption for a more efficient system.
  9. Additional compressor upgrades – Multiple refrigerant circuits, semi-hermetic compressor unloading, digital scroll compressors, and screw compressor slider valves can all reduce energy.
  10. Fluid cooler – Boosts dairy chiller efficiency in applications with lower ambient temperature environments.

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close-up of hands holding pad with text "cost-benefit analysis" with ledger and charts in background

The importance of a cost-benefit analysis

When evaluating the best energy-efficiency options to increase the profitability of your dairy operation, consider using a cost-benefit analysis to ensure your investment will pay off. For instance, compare the short-term upfront costs of upgrading to an energy-efficient option with the energy cost savings you expect in the long run. Using a need vs. want strategy can also make the decision-making process easier, helping you prioritize the energy- and cost-saving options that are must-haves.

If you’re interested in exploring energy-efficient options to increase your dairy operation’s profitability, reach out to our experienced team for assistance. With over 50 years of experience delivering our industrial cooling expertise straight to the farm, we’re a dairy chiller partner you can trust for a robust selection of engineered solutions backed by our exceptional after-the-sale support. Contact us to request a quote today and join the many dairy farmers from across the country in choosing Drake to boost operational efficiency and profitability.